Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello from Style Savvy!

Hello, my stylish senoritas (and senors, I'm no sexist). When I wrote last time I really didn't know that my fabulous web guru (now to be known as the FWG) was going to drag me kicking and screaming into the 21st century by having me blog. Now I realize that I really should start at the beginning and tell you who I am, what I'm going to talk about, and why on earth you should read what I say.

My name is Lindsay and I have been a personal stylist since I could spell "credit card." A mother who made all my clothes in Chanel fabrics from Vogue patterns and a bossy streak a mile wide had me telling my little (I think we were about 6-years-old) friends "what not to wear," and advising Saks salesladies on how to dress mannequins. Living in New York and Paris didn't make me any more shy about expressing myself and, beginning with friends' weddings (let's never say I didn't think big from the beginning!) I started on this career that I didn't even know could BE a career. I sewed samples, I assisted window dressers, I worked as a makeup artist and, along the way, told everybody and their cousins what they should be wearing.

I know you don't want the sordid, sexy details - you don't, do you?  Do you? So let me just say I now live in Sin City, yes, fabulous Las Vegas, speak style for a living and have an FWG (see definition above, if you've forgotten ). Does that mean you should listen to me? Well, sure it does! I'm good at what I do - and if you don't believe me, just ask me! Seriously! Do you think only celebrities and lucky television makeover recipients deserve style tips?  Don't you ever think, "I could look that good if I had the help that she (or he) has?" Now you can, 'cause you do! I'm going to write about style; what it is, how to express it and how to help "you" become "YOU!" And if you want, you can write back and ask any and every question you've ever wanted to ask but knew would never get published in In Style. So get ready for some fun, and remember...trend is today, style is forever!

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