Monday, July 4, 2011

Let's talk style!

Well, Style Savvy fans, we are up and running here and will finally be able to talk style! 
And we thought it was appropriate to start with the basics of style-taking care of YOURSELF! 
How many of us really take good care of ourselves? Do you make time to workout? Great! But do you also take the time to clean your skin thoroughly? File off that two-inch thick callous on your heels or scrub the ashy dead skin off your arms and legs? There are so many demands on our time these days that most of my clients tell me that the details of personal care get lost in the shuffle. Why not take Independence Day as a day to promise yourself more care? 
If you don't feel like doing it yourself, let me tout you onto a great Las Vegas institution-Pure Liquid Skin Studio. This is, bar none, our favorite place in Vegas for facials, body treatments and massages- and the REALLY necessary stuff, like bikini waxes. We get all our body services done here by Maria Monteiro and Glad Hillman, and nobody EVER has a bad experience-unless you count having pubic hair ripped out by the roots! Still, if you can't do it yourself, the best person to do it is Maria! Give her a call at (702) 228-1110 and start your summer off "clean," fresh and more about "YOU" than it has been before. You'll thank yourself, feel good about yourself and start getting in touch with the "real" you, which is the essence of style. 
 And remember, "trend is today, style is forever!"

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