Monday, August 1, 2011

Most important article of clothing in the world...jeans!

Hi there, haute hotties and dapper dudes!

Ya know, I was doing some laundry yesterday and I had a load of jeans, both mine and my hot hubby's and I was thinking that no one ever tells you HOW to wash certain things. Oh yeah, the label says "wash in warm water" but it never says "for best results, wash only once every three wearings and don't machine dry unless you love wrinkles." Since I wear jeans about 50% of the time, and I'm guessing you might also, I thought I'd share some jeans jargon with you and help you keep those jeans fresher, better looking and longer lasting, especially since true style comes from good grooming!

Blue jeans were first created by Levi Strauss in 1873 and have become the most common article of clothing in the world, after underwear. That said, who the heck can keep up with the number of brands out there? I can't, and I've studied higher math! The fits, the washes (that's colors, for you less pretentious wearers), and the styles are more numerous than my grandmother's Kleenex. So when you buy a pair, it's usually because you like the way they look and fit, right? And you don't want to replace them when you ruin them because you didn't care for them properly because, face it, in this economy. 'Nuf said, right? So, to start with...

Buy the pair you love. You're going to wear them more than any other item in your closet, so this is a better place to put your money than that party outfit you'll wear twice, isn't it? Guys, this means buy the ones that feel the best and look good, or, the ones she tells you to buy. Gals, buy the ones that make your butt look the best and if you ADORE them, buy two - one to hem for heels and the other for flats. Next, wash them BEFORE you have them altered! Just in case they shrink, you don't need high water jeans you can only wear with flip-flops. Third, and listen carefully. Wash them inside out with a capful of white vinegar in COLD water. This keeps them from fading and sets the dye so that the wash (color, remember?) stays true. I would suggest not drying them in the dryer, but if that's too pioneer like for you, let them dry naturally until they're almost dry and then toss them in the dryer for ten minutes to remove that crunchy feeling. Ever have trouble with the hems or pockets curling up? Two or three times a year, drop 'em at the dry cleaners and let them press them out (you could do it yourself but I don't want to listen to you whine about how much work this is!). Last - and most important -don't wash your jeans every time you wear them. Denim fibers are incredibly strong but they break down with too much washing and detergent, and face it, unless you stain them, they were invented in dark blue for a reason. Wash 'em when you stain them or they smell funky or they're too stretched out or they stand up and beg, but not 'til then. They, and your checking account, will thank you!

Got questions about specialty items? White jeans or neon colors? Write me and ask because they're also a huge part of your wardrobe and keeping them pristine is priceless. This will let you keep your faves as fresh as the day you bought them because "trend is today, style is forever!"

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