Monday, August 22, 2011

A Plethora of Pleather

Greetings again, my gorgeous gals and gents!

A "Plethora of Pleather" is synonymous with "a carton of crap" or "a truckload of trash." A fashionista's way of referring to too much "faux" and not enough "fine." This is one of my pet peeves - the wardrobe stocked with five $10 pairs of pants instead of one $50 pair, (your budget may have more zeros but you get my drift!). This is fine when you're a teenager on a serious budget but as one gets to " un certain age" (and preferably before!), it's important to learn the difference between a few inexpensive trendy pieces in a wardrobe of classics - and a wardrobe of cheap. I'll give you a topic - building a better wardrobe.  Discuss...

Everyone divvies up their dressing dollars differently but there are a few guidelines. When you first start out and have no clothes, buying five pairs of pants for $10 each seems a better bet than buying one pair for $50. To build a wardrobe that lasts, though, and doesn't need replacing every other season, you need to learn how to "invest" your clothing cash, not just spend it. My first rule? Put your money into the pieces you will wear the most. Instead of spending a fortune on your one holiday outfit and the leftover dollars on your black slacks, try reversing the order. I advise my clients to buy the best they can afford of black pants, a black skirt, crisp white button down shirts, a "go-to" dress and, yes, jeans. These are classic pieces that don't go out of style, don't look dated and are the foundation of your personal look (of course, adapt them to YOU- replace any of those items with one that you would wear more. The goal is to spend the majority of your budget on the pieces you'll wear most, whatever they are). These are also the pieces that look cheap when they are cheap - and here you get what you pay for. Once you have your foundation pieces, you can add less expensive trendy, of-the-moment items or accessories. Same goes for bags and shoes - spend your top dollar on the shoes that you will wear most and the bag that is the most versatile - and then punch up the jam with that funky but inexpensive extra that adds some "pop!" Of course, now that you've bought the more expensive pieces, make sure you take care of them! Check out my last blog post for hints on how- these are an investment now.
"Classic pieces that don't go out of style, don't look dated and are the foundation of your personal look."
How do you adapt this plan for each new season? Simple. Identify the trend or look that is the most "YOU." For example, you know you'll look great in this fall's leggings, tunic sweater and boots. Make that your go-to outfit and put the majority of your clothing budget into the best pieces you can afford. Let's say that gets you two pairs of leggings, one pair of boots and two good sweaters. Great! Use the rest of your budget to add a skirt to make those tunics into party pieces and maybe an inexpensive pair of loafer heels, which is this season's trendy shoe, (I got mine for $39 from Now put the loafer heels and a tunic sweater with your good black pants and create a whole new look, or put one of your crisp white shirts with the leggings and boots for a casual weekend style. Starting to see what I mean?

When you embrace the concept of spending where it stands you in the best stead, you'll be on your way to creating a wardrobe that expresses the authentic YOU. Funk it up with less pricey Ts, sweaters and accessories, and that ups your personal style quotient. You can even send me a picture of your good basics and I'll suggest ways to personalize your look. But you're on your way to a true wardrobe - a way to mix and match the good with the trendy, the classic with the modern and the elegant wit the carefree. Enjoy your looks and remember -"Trend" is today, "style" is forever!

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