Monday, August 8, 2011

Vacation packing

Hi again, chic chicks! You know, I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about this week and then my hot hubby said "it's vacation time - and not everyone knows how to pack for a vacay without a steamer trunk!" And I realized he's right - I have many clients who call me in a tizzy, asking me to pack for them so they don't exceed weight limits or do permanent damage to their arms and hands, carrying 18 bags of unnecessary fashion! So I decided I would blog this week about effortlessly stylish travel, and I'm not talking about the Vogue magazine articles where you need one extra suitcase for the ball gowns. I'm talking seriously effortless, "one-suitcase,-pack-in-15-minutes," you know, EASY!

Let's plan a trip to a California beach town (this also works for Mexico, minus the sweaters. For the cooler destinations, plus some longer sleeved tops). You're going for a week, what do you do first? And no, the answer is NOT to run screaming from the room. 
  • Start with bottoms. Your travel outfit knee length jeans shorts are good for both directions with a clean, graphic tee for each direction (alternately, an IZOD or other polo is always appropriately nautical, as are striped T's in red/white or other fun colors). Either way, you need two.  
  • Jewelry is minimal so there's less to forget at the TSA harassment center...I'm sorry, I meant, security checkpoint. Gold or silver hoops are always effortlessly stylish and go nicely with the heaviest shoes you're taking (might as well wear 'em so you don't have to carry 'em!). I would pick the espadrilles or the wedges-easy to walk in. Two days down. Five days left.  
  • Obviously, swimsuits. But, you only need three. Two for fun-in-the-sun and one seriously hot one for hanging out poolside drinking umbrella drinks. One white eyelet dress works as a cover up for all of them, and one pair of flip-flops (I stick with white to match my coverup) does triple duty. 
  • Now you need cas clothes for daytime sightseeing or shopping and chic ensembles for evening. Well, a romper does double duty with your flip-flops during the day and your espadrilles at night. 
  • Two pairs of shorts with coordinating T's knocks down four more afternoons and the fifth one may call for a sundress or light summer skirt that also does double duty as a dinner date dress. Throw in two maxi dresses for those evenings when you want to up the ante and add a pair of gladiator sandals for them. Add one wrap - a pashmina or shrug.

That's three pairs of shoes, three pairs of shorts, two maxi dresses, five T's, three swim suits one romper, one cover up and a partridge in a pear tree!

Accessories, also known as "those which elevate us to the top of the food chain?"  Stud earrings for your bathing suits, the hoops for your casual outfits and some tribal long earrings for the evening...the purse you carry on the plane which could be a raffia or straw tote that doubles as a beach bag, and a fun clutch for those maxidresses. Don't forget a straw hat for poolside, beachside or drinkside! And, that's it!

I can easily get this lineup into a carryon but those pesky liquids usually require me to check a bag. Because wrinkles hang out in humidity, I roll my pieces instead of folding them and they pack tighter and smaller that way, leaving plenty of room for souvenirs and gifts for your stylist! You'll sail through your week in effortless style with a very "today" feel and no hassles about not looking "right." Got a specific destination that I didn't cover and you have questions about? Write back or email me at and I'll be happy to give you the stylish say so. Have fun! You'll look and feel perfect! And remember, "trend" is today, "style" is forever!

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