Monday, September 12, 2011

Choos, Choos and more Choos

Hi there, you devastating divas!

Last week I talked about buying that most perfect of all accessories, THE SHOE. If you didn't read last week's blog, shame on you! If you did, thank you and you'll remember that this week I  am writing about the shoes that every woman should have in her closet. Consider this a beginner's guide, since I'm only going to lust...oops, Freudian slip, of course I meant LIST five pairs this week and continue with five more next week. Anybody who wants to attain advanced status, let's talk personally!

Pair number one-and let's face it, the object of many a woman's search for the perfect shoe, is the black pump. Worn with an LBD, suit or skirt, it makes a powerfully elegant statement. Worn with pants or jeans, it raises the class level of any outfit. This pump should be the best leather you can afford, a classic toe shape either pointed or round and as high a heel as you can wear comfortably, and you must take care of it RELIGIOUSLY! Your black pumps are an investment piece! Other skins, embellishments and heel heights can be added on at the more advanced levels - the beginner's black pump should be the most timeless, classic, simple shoe you can buy.

Pair number two is a flesh toned pump that complements your skin. With a low vamp (the part across the top of the foot from the toe to the arch) this pump extends your leg and is ideal for light colored or floral print skirts and dresses. It also adds a neutral note to slacks or jeans, allowing you to "bring in da funk" with your top or other accessories. Again leather, if you'll take care of it, put money into this shoe and keep it forever. If you won't, buy a less expensive pump but keep it as classic as possible. A good bet is a patent with a platform.
"Every woman in the world needs a pair of shoes that are comfy, comfy, comfy but are NOT sneakers."
The third pair? Every woman in the world needs a pair of shoes that are comfy, comfy, comfy but are NOT sneakers. It's called a walking shoe, ladies - the Oxford, the get my drift. It's the shoe you wear with jeans, slacks, knee length shorts and some skirts when you need to fly but still look fly. It doesn't have to be flat if you are equally comfortable with a heel. Think of this pair as the one you run errands in when you want to be taken seriously! And on that note - ladies, please; take the clunky athletic shoe and put it in your gym bag, put it in your locker or leave it with your workout clothes in your closet, but don't wear it with street clothes. It adds 15 years to your age and nothing to your style!

Your fourth pair of essentials? Going into fall now I have to give a plug for the knee high flat or low heeled boot. Whether it's a riding style, biker look or suede Three Musketeers model, this boot works over skinny jeans, under flared jeans or pants and with most skirts, and looks great with leggings and sweaters. A classic riding or biker look never dates and speaks to your personal style, while the more embellished, buckled versions are very hot now and will be for years to come. Leather or other skin, black, brown or a newer neutral like stone gray, these boots are the basics of your fall/winter looks.

And lastly, at least for this week, is the essential flat. Think Audrey Hepburn here. If you're the type who drools over ballet flats, great! The classic would be black silk or satin but leather is more durable. Are you a bit edgy? Go for a pointy toe version to wear with skinny jeans, skirts, dresses and cropped winter pants. This is a great staple in an animal print also - leopard flats? Neutral with an edge!

Have I whet your appetite? Are you dying to shop - or are you that scary broad who already owns the basics and has moved on to the next 50 pairs (believe me, my shoe collection is as big as my hubby will let it get! )? Whether you are beginning your shoe odyssey or happily continuing a love affair with footwear, double check that you have these basics. And next week we'll talk about more, ok? Happy now?

Remember, "trend" is today, "style" is forever!

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