Monday, September 19, 2011

Top 10 Must Have Shoes

Were you intrigued with five of the 10 pairs of shoes every woman should own? I went right to my shoe closet and developed a yen for a new pair of nudies - I've got my eye on the Choos but, like most of us, have to save for the right ones because they are an investment. Keep that in mind when you're adding to your current collection - you may not feel like affording Blahnik, but there are endless pairs of less expensive, less commitment - oriented shoes by designers like Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson and Ivanka Trump. Buy the best you can afford and when you can afford it, buy the best!

Pair six of the essential 10 is the evening shoe. We all need an AWESOME pair of pumps or sandals that take the LBD or black slacks to new heights of club-itude. They can be black silk, metallic leather or crystal-embellished strappy...the point is they are night time conveyors of the "I'm a true-to-myself diva" mentality. They elevate any outfit to "look at me!" heights and doit simply, elegantly and for a long time to come.

Number seven: the high heeled boot. Never have boots shown up in so many incarnations but the style savvy will always make the first pair you buy the classy, sexy black, pointed toe, knee high 3-inch heel classic. There's never been a winter when these weren't in style and they go with everything in your winter wardrobe. Variations later will include suedes, added colors and platforms, different heel heights or widths but the beginner needs that first pair in black leather like Mama needs a brand new bag (sorry, Joss Stone!).

Number eight is definitely the ankle boot. Worn with dresses, it adds a modern edge. Worn with skinny jeans it lengthens the leg and gives a tough vibe. Worn with skirts, it contrasts the feminine and masculine sides and looks effortlessly chic. Your pick will depend on your wardrobe colors but my suggestion would be a wedge or platform in brown suede or a neutral like charcoal or burgundy. This is the boot that turns jeans into a JEANS LOOK and, along with  a great bag and hoop earrings, goes virtually anywhere in town. You can rock it!

Pedro Garcia chunky sandal
My number nine out of 10 is the  chunky sandal. I confess to an addiction to these but don't worry, I started a 12-step program years ago because I freely admit that I gave no control here. I am obsessed with Pedro Garcia's foot-friendly cork soled, suede chunky platforms with peep toes and bare heels. I have a pair in black that leave most of my foot bare but buckle in a cuff around my ankle and they look fierce with shorts but hot with cropped pants and perfect with a DVF wrap dress. This is probably the broadest category of the 10, because there are so many types of chunky sandals, so here's my advice. These are the shoes you're going to throw on with whatever you're wearing, whether you're taking a class or dropping something at work or grabbing a quick lunch with friends. They take your mood from blah to blast-off and your outfit from mundane to marvelous, so buy the ones that make you grin and won't let you stop grinning.

Must have Ugg's
Number 10? The equivalent of cashmere for the feet, these are the shoes or boots I pull on when I have to run errands and it's a crummy day - they serve to make me feel cuddly and cozy and to all the naysayers, I proudly yell "I love my Uggs!" Now one woman's Uggs are another woman's Birkenstocks, but the most important thing here is that you have one pair of clogs/shoes/boots in your closet that feels as good on your feet as sweats feel on your body. I love Uggs because of the shearling and the many styles and colors but I have actually heard some grouchies saying that Uggs are...gasp...not stylish. To them I say - anything that puts that big a smile on  my face reflects my true style. I walk my happy walk and it shows that I feel good about myself and when I feel good, I LOOK good!

So here's my top 10 and I hope you agree with me. Have a shoe style you can't live without? A pair that pops? Write me and let me know what your top ten are! Just remember, "trend" is today "style" is forever!

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