Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Wardrobe

Happy Monday, fashion fans and style savants!

Are you the type of woman (or man) who has their fall wardrobe completed by Labor Day or are you the OTHER type-the one who is still finding amazing fall clothes in January? I am the worst kind, according to my husband; I BELIEVE that I've finished fall shopping by the middle of September but continue to buy...I mean, browse, throughout the season. The reason I do this is simple (other than the obvious-it's fun!).  I like to buy my trendy bits early, before either the trend is over or I'm sick of seeing it. This year, for instance, I shopped for leggings, tunics and cropped dress slacks back in August and had achieved my quota of ankle boots by September 20. This doesn't mean I think all these items will be out of fashion by next season, but the trend will be changing so I wear it while it's hot. During the rest of the fall, I am on the lookout for sales on the classic pieces that I will wear for years - pieces that are expensive, so I try to find good deals. This is very much like buying Christmas cards on December 26th. They'll still be great next year but at half off, they're even greater!

Now, a lot depends on where you live because the warmer climates don't get fall merchandise in as rapidly as the areas where it's really needed sooner. But even here in Las Vegas, our stores receive fall clothes beginning in August. Unless you're THAT WOMAN who ONLY buys on sale, August and early September are the perfect times to find fall/winter clothes (especially when you consider Labor Day sales). The sales over Columbus Day and Veterans Day are attempts to move the merchandise that's not doing as well, while Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years are sales to make room for the next season's wares. So if you have the majority of your fall/winter wardrobe early, you can pick through sale stuff in a calm relaxed manner, looking for classic pieces and fun additions, instead of zipping through stores like a demented bee, chasing items that you can't find in your size or color.

Some of my clients justify buying fall/winter late in the season by explaining to me that they "didn't have time" or "couldn't find" this, that or the other. No excuses are necessary-shopping FEELS good and satisfies a need in us. I'm just pointing out a smart way to do it. This way gets the job done but leaves you time to find the good stuff. Now isn't that a savvy way to style yourself? And it illustrates my point:, trend is today, style is forever!

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