Monday, October 31, 2011

Skirting HOT Styles

Hello again, my fierce fashionistas!

Have you, like me, been looking at fashion and style mags lately and wondering about skirt lengths? Ok, I know I just lost the jeans only-wearing portion of my audience, but even those of you avowed trouser trolls may find that some of these skirt lengths are just as comfy as jeans and offer a chance to think outside the box without sacrificing your personal ethos. Take a look at three great skirts for fall/winter. Sexy secretary chic meets haute cowgirl with a hint of hippie!

The first length is knee-lenght. Ok, I hear it now - "Lindsay, knee-lenght has been around forever!" Sure it has, but not paired with the floaty blouses and hot heels that make it fresh. A knee length skirt, especially in a pencil shape, is one of style's eternal "DO's,"- it never looks wrong. It's flattering to virtually everyone, even that ugly hag Kate Middleton, because it elongates the leg. When worn high-waisted with a semi-sheer blouse it can take you to cocktails, when paired with a button down it's work appropriate and when you put it with boots and a sweater it's almost, but not definably weekend casual. Take that, blue denim!

Another fun length? What women "of a certain age " call "midi" - or mid calf. This is where we can really get comfy. Of course it goes to work, that's a given. But how fun is a calf length skirt with today's heeled hiking boots and a flannel shirt?  Or how about with a short sweater or shrunken cardi and chunky heels?  Why not try it with a fitted silk shirt and platforms? Oh, the fun I could have with a Kardashian sized budget!

My third pick is the long skirt and this one could make me leave even leggings in the closet! An ankle length skirt, especially with a well placed slit? Genius with booties and a cotton Oxford shirt, modern as Gaga with a floral top and leather biker jacket. And oh how nice it feels to shed those corduroys once in a while...or twice or three times! The longer lengths need some substance on the foot though, so leave those flats on your shelf and break out the boots or heels - and now you can really show those off because they're not covered by your jeans! It's a two-fer!

So you see, my little chickadees, the skirt can be your new best friend. It's stylish with just a hint of trend because, as you remember, trend is today, style is forever!

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