Monday, October 10, 2011

Summer to Fall

We are right in the middle of that transitional time between seasons, when it feels like fall at night but summer during the day; when a cardi is enough over a T but a jacket feels more right and when the light has changed so that summer colors look too bright, and summer fabrics too thin. Georgia S. wrote to me and asked how to extend her summer fashions so that she doesn't start wearing all her winter pieces when it's still 70 degrees and I thought there might be one or ten of you who share her question, so - how do you use summer and fall pieces to form a new, transitional wardrobe? Read on!

Let's start with color. Your summer clothes have pretty pastels, yummy yellows and wispy whites. Instead of wearing those tops with shorts, wear them with jeans and a dark neutral cardigan or vest. Picture it - a white cotton peasant blouse tucked into high waisted jeans, a leopard print belt and neutral espadrilles or wedges. Add a chocolate sweater or shrunken blazer for evening and there - you've used pieces from summer and fall to create...transition! Now how about those of you who embraced the maxi dress? Is there hope? Of course! Grab that floral or dark-skirted maxi and pair it with the new ankle boots you already bought for fall. Top the dress with a rugged but not oversized jacket, in denim or camo or even a leather bomber jacket and voila, transition! Still have your pastel or white skinny jeans out, hoping to get another wear or three? Color block them (a great fall trend!) by pairing them with a black, brown, navy or forest green top and similarly colored loafer pumps. For example, I'll be wearing my distressed lime skinnies with a chunky pink cotton sweater and burgundy loafer pumps, and I LOVE pairing white jeans with a black sweater set, pink scarf and black and pink platform Mary-Janes, like the new ones from Vince Camuto.  Want to play it down a bit? Tuck those jeans into flat brown riding boots and add a long sleeved brown T.  Chic, Jackie O, transition!

Are ya getting the idea that transition is a dark-with-bright,  heavy-versus-light, macho-along with-slight kind of thing? Good for you! Your silk camis get paired with thin skirts in the summer but they look hot with jeans and a dark neutral cozy during transition. A sundress looks fierce when its worn with socks and ankle boots and a denim jacket. And, if you're young enough or just ballsy and have great legs, the distressed denim shorts from the summer can make a fabulous look with tights and a thin midriff sweater and ankle boots. These are all great ways to embrace the trends we are seeing now, coupled with your own authentic style, because always remember- trend is today, style is forever! Does that answer your question, Georgia?

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