Monday, October 17, 2011

What Not to Wear

Happy Monday, chich chicks!
My husband, who would scoff at being called stylish but is nevertheless, asked me a question this week that is SO worth sharing with you. The question was, "There are tons of style TV shows like "What Not To Wear" and stylists (wonder where he got THAT idea?) who tell you what's perfect for you, but are there really any rules left? Are there still fashion dont's?"

It does seem as if there are no longer any rules in fashion, but there are still some rules with regard to style. Fashion may say that you can put mildly strange combos together, colors that clash, patterns that perplex. But there will always be "dont's" in style-the "rules" that separate authentic style from those that just don't quite get it. The good news is that these "rules" can be learned and, combined with fashion's "try everything" attitude, can really make thinking outside the box into a true expression of style.

Probably the worst style "don't" has to do with the word "tight." There's "fitted,",there's "slim fitting," we hear "snug" and "lean." Fashionistas experiment with all fits. Stylistas, though, know their bodies and know that "too tight" is not flattering. Real bodies (unlike Kate Moss, Gisele and their ilk) have flaws and the fastest way to let everybody in on what they are is to wear your clothes like Saran Wrap. Short tops, too tight pants worn over spare tires - nobody's best look. The less perfect the body the more careful its owner should be about what drapes versus what clings - remember, spandex is a privilege, not a right.

Another style no-no? Unflattering colors close to your face. The truly style savvy know what colors make them look like week-old corpses and don't wear those colors near skin. Fashion mags show models wearing all sorts of color combinations but those models are made up specifically to wear those shades. Trends in fashion may feature cool looking new colors in clothing and makeup but if they're not flattering, the rule is keep them away from your face and neck and do your experimenting on other parts of your body.

These are just two of the "rules" that separate the stylish from the merely fashionable. There are others but they all boil down to one and it's airtight. Authentic style means knowing your body with all its flaws and fabulousness and never slavishly following a trend unless it works for you. Take the ones that don't and adapt them in other ways so that you still get that "thinking outside the box" thrill without breaking the "rules."  And yes, honey, that's why I didn't let you buy that lime-green shirt!

Remember, "trend" is today, "style" is forever!

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