Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas...keep on giving!

Hi there, smart shoppers!

I know everyone is doing the Christmas rush thing now, so I had an idea that all of you MUST want to know MY ideas for holiday gifts - the things I think are great for friends, relatives and the hostess-with-the-mostest that you forget to pick something up for until the last second. Don't you want to know? Sure you do!

I have always believed that a truly stylish gift is something you would want for yourself. Of course, I frequently end up buying two of things because I love them so much I can't give them away, but that's how my recipients know their gift is special...because others crave it too! For example, gifts for hostesses. There's never anything wrong with a nice bottle of wine, flowers or a bottle of whatever your host and hostess are most fond of. But why not be a bit more stylish and original? This year my favorite host and hostess gift has been matching holiday fleece or flannel pajamas from Nick and Nora. The simple cotton ones are fun and inexpensive at Target and the heavier flannels are available at Macy's and Nordstrom, as well as online retailers under Nick and Nora. Talk about an unusual present - and something cuddly for those cold evenings! I package them with some Williams-Sonoma hot cocoa mix or peppermint bark and enjoy the smiles on my hostesses faces!

For relatives that you have no idea of what to buy for? What do you give the people who have everything? Well, this year I'm giving my pet loving family gifts of studio pet photography from Pet'ographique. The owner and photographer, Arica, is offering great deals on portrait sittings for pets or families and they make wonderful gifts and can be used for holiday cards, formal portraits or almost anything you can imagine. Pet photography immortalizes family friends and is definitely a gift that warms the heart of any pet lover! Another fun idea? How about the makings of a table centerpiece for the holidays? Stop at Pottery Barn to pick up a tray, winter potpourri and several candles of different sizes and voila! A holiday centerpiece that lasts through the season and provides scent as well as visual appeal! Yet another one? How about a lobster gram for hard to please relatives? I ordered one for my was a lobster tail sampler of four lobster tails from different waters - with two of each kind it gave my in-laws four different festive meals that they definitely would not buy for themselves! Practical, fun and special!

What to get for the friends you cherish? I've always loved the idea of a bottle of the bubbly and a set of champagne flutes to serve it in. Depending on your price range, you can find everything from Vera Wang to Waterford flutes and any type of champers you know your friends like. Theyll always have the flutes for special occasions. Or how about a matched set of crystal snowflakes to hang from a tree or curtain rod? That's something they can bring out year after year and think of you! My fave  gift for girlfriends this year, though, are cashmere scarves. I pick the colors to suit and delight, and I feel a thrill when I see them being worn and enjoyed, just as I secretly am enjoying the twins to them that I bought and kept for myself! Nothing says cozy/comfy like cashmere!

Well, stylish senors y senoras, whaddya think? I'd love to hear about your fave gifts and givings...please write and let me know what you came up with! As for me, I'm going right into the spare room where I keep gifts and cozying up to that cobalt blue cashmere muffler that I bought for...Hmmmm, I NEED one in cobalt, don't I?

Enjoy the holiday season and remember, trend is today, style is forever!

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