Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter Wear: The Basic 5

Aloha, you ab-fans!

We are definitely in that time of year that makes me yearn for warm beaches and blue water, but the fact of the matter is...coat time! Very few fashionistas have a coat obsession because they're NOT that sexy, they don't always show off your "ass-ets" and they are carried more than they're worn, but they are a fact of life, so let's dive into the five coats/jackets every woman should own.

A lot of your outerwear has to depend on where you're wearing it, for example, Fort Lauderdale, Florida vs. Fort Lee, New Jersey. But while the weight of the wear changes with where you wear it, the 'why' doesn't. They keep you warm,  compliment your outfit and keep you dry. Which is why the first essential is a trench coat. Heavy or light, a trench coat is a classic that covers a multitude of uses. It's the perfect length (slightly above the knee) to wear with suits and dresses. In the right fabric (satin for evening, patent for clubbing, twill for office and any of the above for casual chic) it goes everywhere. What's he perfect trench, you ask? A black patent that looks equally chic at the theater, the school play and the movies. An equally stylish alternative? Khaki a la Burberry. Invest. Buy. Keep forever.
"A log of your outerwear has to depend on where you're wearing it."
Number two topcoat is the pea coat or one of its many variations. The tried and true is mid-thigh, wool and closes with toggles. It's most classic in navy or forest green to wear with most slacks and all jeans. It has many relatives, though - any warm thigh high coat will work as well and the modern ones are belted, beaded, bedazzled and brightly colored. It's a stylish piece, so find one that compliments your personal style!

The third and fourth items of outerwear are sweaters - the long cardigan in a cozy fabric like wool, mohair or my personal fav, cashmere, and the cape in a thick nap like flannel. The cardi can be belted or not, buttoned or what. It's length depends on your height, with more petite women opting for shorter than the knee versions. The cape, however, can be full length on any body and goes from simple for everyday to sensational by night. If your own personal style allows for that kind of a statement, indulge yourself in the sinfully seductive.  If not, select the simple and wear it through spring.

The last, necessary piece of exterior clothing is the leather jacket. Bomber style, biker chic or baseball chick, a good leather jacket goes over many dressy dresses, most sharp slacks and all your jeans looks. It can be any color, with dark brown being the most versatile color family. It can be oversized or shrunken depending on your frame and mood. It's highly versatile and should therefore be another piece that you invest your good money into - NOTHING feels like good leather besides...good leather!

So you see, savvy shoppers, that the basic five can be far from basic. Whether you spend a fortune or very few dollars, though, these five have you covered. In style. Your style. And remember, trend is today, style is forever! Aloha!

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