Monday, April 30, 2012

Hola, haute hotties!

Well, we've done it! My fabulous web guru has finished my beautiful new website and I'm thrilled - and hope you will be! To start things off right, I'd like to toot my own horn (which does seem to be what social media is all about!) and print a testimonial that my dear friend and client Karen Illes recently wrote to me. It pretty much sums up what I do for my clients. From now on I'll be blogging every Monday, so please pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee or a Cosmo, and let's chat! Remember to "like" Style Savvy on Facebook and I'll see ya next Monday but in the meantime, remember that "Trend is 'today', style is 'forever'!!!!!
I first met Lindsay five years ago when I first moved to Las Vegas. At the time, I wasn’t sure what to wear and I didn’t know where to shop, so I found Lindsay’s name and called her. She came over to my closet and went through my clothes with me….we looked at each item and determined whether the color was right for me, if the shape was right for me and if it was still in style. We agreed together which items would go to good will and which items were worthwhile keeping. It wasn’t an easy experience for me, but it sure was worth the effort. I was so glad to have my closet clean and ready for my improved look. Before Lindsay left me and my closet that first day, she took all my measurements so that she was ready for our next appointment…the shopping trip.

My second meeting with Lindsay was at the mall. She had arrived before me and had already shopped one store. Items were waiting for me in the fitting room. I was a bit surprised to see the variety and kinds of clothes she had picked out….many were not the kind that I would have chosen for myself, so I had some initial doubts. But, I went ahead and tried the clothes on, and I found that she was right most of the time and that she was broadening my clothing horizons. Lindsay was able to take my body shape and coloring into consideration and find items that worked for me. She often measured the size of pant legs (thigh width especially) to make sure that my “athletic” legs would fit . I was very pleasantly surprised to find these new styles and colors. And, when I eventually wore the clothes that I bought….I had compliments from my husband and from my friends and colleagues.

So, that was my first experience…but certainly not my last. Now I can’t imagine going shopping without Lindsay. Or, if I do end up in a store without her….I remember what she taught me about my style. So…now I feel good about what I buy, I wear what I buy, and I’m much more stylish and happy.

-Karen Illes - Marketing and Branding Strategist

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