Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello, you business-savvy beauties!

About seven years ago, I got a call from a woman whose office staff was driving her crazy. "How do I get them to dress appropriately?", she asked. And so the Business Style section of Style Savvy was born. I found that there were many organizations whose H.R. (Human Resources for you non-business types, like moi!) departments wondered the same thing and had the same trouble. I began doing seminars for business groups at meetings and luncheons and thought I'd pass on a few tips to you.

To begin, a company that wishes to have and enforce a dress code must write it down. It should be in black and white, right up there with the drinking and drug policies, because, truthfully, some peoples' idea of appropriate business attire can only be understood through an alcohol-fueled haze!! I spoke to a woman wearing a cute Victoria's Secret BATHING SUIT COVERUP as an office dress! Another girl liked to show off her hours in the gym rather than her brain power, by wearing tank tops and placemats......oops, sorry, I meant SKIRTS, to her office. And one gentleman couldn't quite get the need to launder or iron his clothes, since they "just got dirty at work anyway". I know the trend for male teens is to wear jeans as low on their hips as is possible without them falling off (you're all nodding in agreement, aren't you?) but to work? REALLY? But if you as bosses or co-workers don't want that in your place of business, you need to write it DOWN!!

My talks to professionals start with basic grooming and continue on through "foundation garments" (which should not show) to what lengths, cuts, styles and degrees of sheerness are appropriate. I also advise college students and those breaking into the business world on what is recommended attire for a job interview. If you know people who want, or simply need this kind of talk, let me know or better, give them my number and tell them to call! A bit of Style Savvy can make the world a more visually appealing office at a time! And always remember, "trend" is today, "style" is forever!!!!!

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