Monday, May 7, 2012

Hi there, fierce fashion femmes! And dudes too.....

Today I must talk about the beautiful weather in Las Vegas, which means its a perfect time to focus on ........lenses!  Well, the lenses AND the frames of the newest, hottest sunnies ( what us old timers might have called sunglasses or shades!) and there are tons out there in every price range!

Truth to tell, it's usually the lenses that distinguish cheap sunnies from the "cha-Ching" variety.  Gradient lenses, polarized lenses, UVA/UVB shielded.......most of your Target glasses don't have much in that line.  The plastic is a bit thinner, the hardware is not as......well, hard.  That said, there are frequently hotter colors and cooler shapes in the less expensive glasses and that makes them perfect for injecting a dose of extra-fancy into your wardrobe!  Just remember to keep the size in proportion to your face and stay true to your personal style and you'll have a trend that's stylin'!

Take a look at Forever 21 for some deeply inexpensive shades that will take you through the summertime color blocking trend.  At less than 20 bucks, they give a big bang.  Feel like trading up?  Madewell has some great round shapes, the of-the-moment necessity, at around $55 and Ray-Ban weighs in at $150-$175 for their sherbet-y colors in the Wayfarer line.  Whatever price point you're looking in, check out the round frames, the multi-sided ones and the white and cream colored plastics.......for a Saint Tropez look at Lake Mead prices!

Got a topic you want addressed?  Need a question answered?  Write in and let me know.......after you come home with some really radical sunglasses and your inner goddess is celebrating with a Mai Tai!  Til next week, adios amigos and remember, "trend" is today, "style" is forever!

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