Monday, May 28, 2012

Hi, you posh princes and princesses!

Does everyone just LOVE Kate Middleton?  Is there anyone who isn't in awe of her grace, her flawless look, her very PRINNCESS-ISHNESS?  She's turning herself into a true icon for the 30-something's and younger, and she has something to teach the older ladies too..............VPL is not stylish, classy or elegant!

Can you just imagine seeing Pippa Middleton at the wedding wearing panties that showed through her dress?  She'd be a laughingstock instead of a goddess!  And so would you be, if you're one of THOSE who think that Visible Pant Line is acceptable.  It's.  SO.  NOT.

With summer come cool cottons, wispy whites and delicate dresses, all of which scare the prospective panty pairer.  Let's take a moment to review the options open to you, so I NEVER have to hear "But I didn't know!!!". Panties are available in full coverage (Grandma's chosen ones), hip hugger, briefs, bikini, boy shorts, G string, thong.........and these are just a few styles!  The fabric of your foundation makes a difference too!  There are some that are meant to be seen, I.e. La Perla lace panties in lovely lavender.  They look beautiful........and are perfect for that hot night or sexy weekend when worn alone or under an LBD.  But they don't belong under your white slacks.  Here are hints for hiding your heinie........

Going sheer, with a skirt or dress?  First, think slip......a floaty nude slip will still show off the sheer without showing off your rear.  Refuse to make the sacrifice?  Think real shorts.......
the shape wear kind.  They're's obvious that they're there.  I personally feel its a trend that hit the runway but will vanish "short"ly.  Best choice?  Your favorite nude panty under a slip.

Going with short shorts this season?  A demi-thong won't show top or bottom.  Even if you get "cheek"-y, your underwear will be a well kept secret. Wearing white?  Try a thong.  The waistband will be hidden by your clothes' waistband and there's no VPL to show!  Slinky dress?  Thong.  Thin cotton bottoms?  Unpatterned boy shorts.  Are ya getting the idea?

So take yourself AND your summery stuff off to a department store with a good lingerie department.  TRY ON the panties you select so that there won't be any surprises.  Then, if you like, buy them there or at Vicki's or even Target.......but you'll know what to buy!  Ask a salesperson for help in finding invisible undies.  And save yourself - and your admirers, from spending their admiration on the wrong target!!  And if you ever again find yourself tempted not to care about your culottes, think......"what would Kate do"?  And always remember, "trend" is today, "style" is forever!!!

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