Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Felicitations, you foxy femme fatales!

Today I had a rare privilege......getting to consult with a lovely quartet of sisters in their 60s and 70s who all were interested in style and how to express theirs.  We had enough time to cover hemlines, necklines, sleeve lengths and colors, all in a discussion that centered around how to stay fashionable and vibrant at any age.  I was fascinated by these ladies' questions and willingness to absorb new ideas about everything from tinted moisturizer to heel heights.  Wow......they really reminded me of why I started this business, which was to help people understand and epitomize their own individuality through style.  And, of course, to have an excuse to buy more shoes!

Women in their 60s, 70s and 80s have fewer role models for fashion than younger women, which was part of why it was so good to have a reminder that these ladies are still as vital and absorbed as women half their ages.  Unfortunately, instead of the galaxy of fashion trendsetters that young women look towards, older women are frequently left to wander racks of "younger" clothes, look at magazines full of "young" makeup and face departments full of gorgeous shoes that no longer suit their lifestyles.  You may think about your mother when you read that........or aunts, cousins or grandmothers.  I remember my mom, who was unable to walk much in her later years but still wanted to match a color in her sweater to the color of her Uggs.  Her style was no longer the same as it was in her younger days but it continued to evolve to express HER.  My clients today still wanted to be stylish and fashionable, but in age- and lifestyle-appropriate ways.

This all is very "deep" and not what I planned to write!  It does serve as a great reminder to me, though, of how older women are still as needful of fashion, clothing, hair and makeup as their younger counterparts.  Their personal style expresses them just as surely as yours does you.  They still want to look good, take pride in their appearance and feel attractive.  I learned a lot from my clients today and I'm grateful to them for once more illustrating that "trend" is today, but "style" is forever!!

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