Monday, June 4, 2012

Greetings, gorgeous guys and gals!

Wow! Look at him!
(Gratuitous George Clooney Photo)
I've been blogging so much lately about things to wear and not wear that I haven't mentioned something even more near and dear to my heart......the meaning of style.  I wrote on this subject quite a while ago but as I drive through, walk down and people watch the streets of Las Vegas, I realize that it's official; I have become my mother.  No longer as trend-focused, I actually have started to care whether shoes are comfortable and if I'm wearing too much makeup.  And therein lies the definition of style........drumroll, ever-evolving picture of what makes you, you.  

When I was 20, I lived and died through my's cut, color, perm, and 'do were all important.  And that was me, then.  I discovered my passion for shoes in my thirties, but it wasn't until I truly understood my mother that I began to absorb the essence of style and discover my own.  My mother was a true stylista - she discovered new designers but refused to wear them if they weren't flattering to her, she adored makeup but only wore what enhanced her looks.  She made a point of wearing her "good" jewelry whenever it made her feel good and gave herself regular mani-pedis because they made her feel feminine.  I never saw my mother blindly follow a trend or wear anything that didn't fit........and fit well.  In short, my mom knew that true style means wearing and having pieces that make the "YOU-ness" of you come out and she taught me ( when I became willing to learn ) that being stylish would always come from my understanding and accepting my looks and my personality.

I see many women and men today who are fashionable, trendy and of-the-moment but it's more rare to see those who are truly stylish - who have that ability to dress their bodies and personalities in truly authentic ways.  You can always tell who they are because they make you pause and say, "wow-look at her/him".  You don't say " look at her sweater", you say "look at her".  Because the outfit and accessories of a real stylista reflect her inner self to a point where SHE shines, not her clothes.  And that's what Mom tried to teach me all those years ago.......that "trend" is today, but "style" is forever!!!!!!

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