Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Monday, Mesdames et Messieurs!

I am thinking French because I am seeing so many all-American-outfits that were inspired by French style.  I love it!-taking a French iconic look and making it the go-to trend in an American summer.  I'm referring, of course, to stripes!  And my favorite striped look for the summer........bateau-necked, horizontally striped Ts with boyfriend shorts and espadrilles to finish the look.  Add hoop earrings and a cardi for a totally American look, a la Francaise!

But stripes don't just begin and end in thin horizontal pips of color.  Wider bands alternate with white or cream to evoke Jackie O's nautical look.  Colorful stripes next to more colorful stripes are populating the windows at stores from Neiman's to Hautte Chix.  That old adage about horizontal stripes making you look fat.........we don't believe it and the way we style it, you won't either.  For example, a maxi dress with a tank-or-cami style bodice looks fresh when belted with a wide neutral leather belt and paired with leather or cork wedges; take the same dress and belt it loosely with a chain belt and accent with summery sandals and you have a day-to-night effect that keeps its chic!

How about those vertical stripes?  For sure, nothing says "well to do banker" like a pin-striped suit but dressed down for summer, we have a different story.  Capris in hot vertical stripes, or pinstriped in mustard on a turquoise background?  Throw on a white sheer top designed like a sleeveless vest, put on a pair of oxfords in a bold metallic and you are utterly strutable!!  Just want to laze and watch rom-coms?  Take a striped pajama top and half - tuck it into jeans shorts.  Comfy, cas, and playful but it only needs a narrow belt and espadrilles to go out for dinner because cooking is TOO HOT!!!!  Truly, the list of what can be done with stripes is endless and fun to explore; be guided only by your innate taste, your sense of color and the eternal mantra, "Trend" is today, "style" is forever!

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