Monday, August 27, 2012

Greetings again, my glam girlies!

I sure hope you missed me, since I've been off the blogging thing for a few weeks.  Now that I've taken my much needed break, though, I'm all fired up, especially when I see the possibilities of this fall!  Leather,studs, bold burgundies.......what's not to love?  However, like always, I want to talk about what makes these possibilities stylish, not just trendy.

The fall season is all about leather.  Leather pants, blazers, coats, accents on name it.  Leather is a trend that never goes out of style, though.  But what makes these pieces "this season"?  Cut and fit, my ladies, cut and fit.  For example, leather jackets have been around forever and the one you have that's 10 years old is still au courant.  But this season, motorcycle jackets are shrunken, slim fitting, studded and/or asymmetrically detailed.  But do they suit you?  If you have the body and wardrobe to wear a tight, diagonally zippered black leather moto, great!  If you have the budget for it, even better.  My point about style versus trend, though, is that the leather you already have works great this season.  What's more classic than a leather bomber with jeans?  Or a suede knee length coat?  The cut and fit don't say "Fall 2012", they say classic.  The simply cut but perfectly fitting leather pants you have are timeless, so if you can't do today's skinny, legging style, you're still covered.  You can also utilize a gal's best friend, her tailor, by taking leather pieces that don't fit or that are no longer beloved and making them into new classics.  Ah, the possibilities!!!

Motorcycle boots, studded shoes, boots and jackets and all things wine colored, maroon or dark money says that most of these pieces already exist in your closet.  Highlight them this season by making a leather skirt the focal point of an outfit, or by wearing burgundy shoes as your new neutral.  Of if you do buy, as always buy with an eye towards timelessness because these components will never go out of style.  Just as we are now, we'll see them again and again in different incarnations, because "trend" is today, "style" is forever!

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