Monday, September 10, 2012

Felicitations, you fit, fabulous females!

Stella McCartney for Adidas
Last week, my FWG (fabulous web guru, for those of you who didn't remember) asked me to blog on where to find stylish workout clothes.  I'm not sure why, since she is one of those women you see in yoga classes looking effortlessly RIGHT in WHATEVER she chooses to wear.  But her request got me thinking.  How many of us have prepared to start a new exercise regime, but been deterred by not having the "right" clothes?  Or been psyched out in a spin class by the hotties who make sweat look like an accessory?  Well, as a recent convert to yoga, I can tell you that the outfit makes you FEEL the part, even if you have the flexibility of a brick wall, like me.

Victoria's Secret
Great yoga clothes are actually pretty easy to find now, since yoga went viral.....thank you, Jennifer Aniston!  I have found them at sporting goods stores, like REI and Big Five, but their pieces are more utilitarian (read, ugly) than cute, even though they are just as workable.  Surprisingly, I found really fun ensembles at Vickie's ( my pet name for Victoria's Secret, since we're on a first name basis by now!).   Their yoga pants are stylish and cute, but beware.......wash them in cold water because they fade easily!  They're also not very expensive, though, so you may not care too much.  I also found, which has basic yoga tops which come with support, and yoga bottoms that come in special sizes as well.  Then there's Zappo's, but, come on, what DOESN'T Zappo's carry???  Their clothes are fairly basic, although they do carry Stella McCartney's for Adidas.  Another store, Lululemon, carries a great variety of tops and bottoms specially for yoga.  In addition to these, virtually every spa you can name carries some cute yoga pieces - more expensive, too be sure, but frequently one-of-a-kind.

So, now that you know where to buy your ensembles, there's no excuse for not starting that workout program, is there? You can start by looking the part and "fake it til you make it" as they say.  You may just find your new bliss and a lifestyle change!  When you're debating over which hot tank to sweat in, though - remember, "trend" is today, "style" is forever!!!

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