Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Helloooooooo, hots and handsomes!

Anybody out there ready to ditch the pale and pretty colors of summer for the strong and serious shades of fall?  I sure am!  Now I'm not talking about the millions of "it" shades that fashion magazines push each day/week/month.  You know me, I don't tout trends.  I'm talking about the color PALETTE of fall.....the beautiful burgundies, gorgeous greys and wonderful winter whites that are the neutrals to invest in.

Now who among us has the Kardashian-sized resources to completely replace last fall/winter's wardrobe?  Hint......if you did, you'd probably be listening to Rachel Zoe saying this, not me!  I firmly believe in putting money into "anchor" pieces - the backbone of your closet.  Leftover cash (said by nobody, ever), I mean, the rest of your carefully saved dollars go into trendy pieces.  The color PALETTE of each season allows you to buy one or two ( ok, three or four!) garments that will always be in style and coordinate with already-owned staples and the less expensive of-the-moment items you can't help but covet.

So think of burgundy, grey and winter white as the new black.  Instead of buying that black pencil skirt, try it in wine and pair it with one of your summer floaty, girly blouses.  Or make merlot boots your new acquisition and see how they liven up a sweater dress.  It's all about mix 'n match, pushing your comfort level up one notch and experimenting.  Were you going to buy a leather jacket for fall?  Why not buy it in grey?  Or did you need a new suit for work?  Winter white has it ALL goin' on!  These new pieces really pop with a simple long-sleeved black T, or a khaki skirt, or jeans or........well, you get the idea.  If you don't, just close your eyes, imagine the wool slacks you're trying on are black instead of burgundy, and open your eyes to the fresh possibilities!  And always remember, "trend" is today, "style" is forever!

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