Monday, September 3, 2012

Salutations, my shoe-addicted sweethearts!

I am suffering this season.  I don't believe in suffering in silence (all that nice sympathy wasted!) so I'll bring you into my circle of sufferers and I know you'll commiserate with me.  Why am I suffering, you might ask.  Simple.  I am bemoaning the demise of the platform.

Anybody who just scratched your head at that is not invited to play in my sandbox.  I am talking about platform shoes.  You know, shoes, boots, sandals with that lovely platform under the ball of the foot; the one that enhances stability and comfort and is usually paired with a slightly thickened heel.  The platform makes the heel feel shorter than it is, allowing shorter women to add height without adding discomfort and letting taller women flaunt their height without increasing their pain.  

I am a huge fan of the platform.  I find it much more comfortable than its thin-soled sister and it never gives me that burning in the ball of the foot or the feeling of walking on ground glass.  I can proudly strut in platforms because I feel so much more secure in them.  There's no limping off the dance floor and no removing my shoes while waiting on the hour long valet line.  

This season, designers showed a mix of platforms and thin soles.  I pace the shoe departments at Nordstrom or Saks in horror - at least half of the heels have no platforms!  Spring/Summer of 2013 will make that number much higher.  Forget the presidential election, my real issue is finding Manolos with platforms!  And then I calm myself.   Both types of sole are classic:  both styles have their admirers.  There may be fewer platforms to chose from and they may not be as high but they'll be there.  And so I stroll out of the department, once again relaxed because I have remembered my mantra - "trend is today, style is forever".  

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