Monday, October 8, 2012

Hey, you happenin' hotties!

Last week we had a lipstick discussion and I got HAMMERED by some readers for not mentioning techniques for long lasting applications and for not listing my favorite brands.  So, as a slave to public opinion, I decided to blog on jewelry.  

Ok, not really.  I will finish up my all-important discussion of lipsticks by talking about some of my faves.......lipsticks, lip liners and the like.  But if I get yelled at again, I'm coming after YOU!!

I am addicted to lip liner.  I'm in a 12 step program and it's not working.  Why?  Because I am one of those unfortunate people with no lip line to call my own.  If I don't draw 'em on, they don't exist.  So my first step in creating lips is my MAC Spice lip liner.  I have them all over my house ( just in case my husband should come home unexpectedly, after 21 years he may not realize I don't have natural beautiful pouty lips ).  I have them in every bag, in my car and in my freezer, where they maintain their pretty little points best.  I've never met a client I couldn't use Spice on and I frequently color my lips in with it, put balm or gloss over the top and zing out the door.  It mimics the color of the lips I wish I had.  Now some makeup artists use lip liner that matches lips and others use liner that matches lipstick.  Personally, the only time I match liner to lipstick is when I'm doing red keeps the lipstick from bleeding into the mouth's fine lines and looks more natural and polished.  Otherwise, I'm a Spice Girl.

Are your lips drying up and flaking away?  Your stylist ( that would be me....) recommends either Smith's Rosebud Salve or Kiehl's Lip Balm.  I feel highly qualified to recommend these as the lips I don't have are drier than the Sahara in summer.  These balms really moisturize......they live next to the Spice lip liners that live everywhere.  Try one!

And now.........drumroll.......Lindsay's Loveliest Lipsticks.  Want to try a gazillion shades and keep from spending Kardashian money?  You can't do better than Sephora's line for both quality and quantity at reasonable prices.  You can play with colors all day long and your lips will thank you!  Want the best of the best?  My money's on Giorgio Armani.  Smooth, soft and slick - these even smell good!  I've read many  "Best of........" articles and a lot of them tout different lines for different colors but I stick with Armani when I want a drench of easy to apply, long lasting color.  Want to split the difference in price and try something between the two?  "Fresh" makes a nice lipstick as does Sonia Kashuk, and Kashuk is sold at my favorite French designer store......Target.  Only downside to Sonia Kashuk is no testers, but something's gotta give when you're paying such rock bottom prices, right?

So, for all of you who got on my case about not touting my faves, there you go.  But if any of you see me out and about with clients, I expect you to keep my secret and only comment on what lovely lips I have!  After all, I can't have my husband learning my little tricks, now can I?  And always remember, you femme fatales, that "trend" is today, "style" is forever!

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