Monday, October 1, 2012

Hi there, my Monday models!

This past week, two friends of mine called to invite me out to play makeup.  Now I've loved this game since I was old enough to spell "makeup" but this time, it made me stop and think (and that's tough to do when faced with Sephora!).  Both friends wanted to try red lipstick and both were convinced that they couldn't wear it.  I realized then that many of us have wrong ideas about what we can and cannot wear.  The truth is, ANYONE can wear ANY color - it just depends on choosing the right shade and applying it correctly.  And Sephora is a great place to play!

I get irritated with magazine articles that make choosing a lipstick shade into a science experiment.  Here's the Lindsay-proof way to tell whether you should wear blue based colors or yellow based colors.  Go outside, make a fist and look at your veins.  If your veins look blue, your skin tone is cool.  You look best in blue based colors (think the red of a Coke can) and wear a lot of jewel tones.  If your veins are green, you are warm and you'd look best in yellow based colors and earth tones,  Make sense?  If not, I've got a hot tip for ya.  TRY THEM ON!  The correct shades will make your skin look even, not splotchy and the whites of your eyes will look whiter.  You will just look better - and that's the whole goal of wearing makeup, right?

So now you know which shades to try.  But do you apply it straight from the tube?  Use a lipstick brush?  Or even use your finger?  The answer depends on what effect you're looking for!  Want a smooth, full coverage?  Use the lipstick straight from the bullet.  Looking for a perfect lip with medium coverage?  Use a brush.  Or, if you're young ( or lucky ) enough to have well defined lips, apply the lipstick with your finger for a natural, stain-like look.  Again, TRY THEM ON!  Putting on lipstick takes some practice to do perfectly and just because you've been doing it for years doesn't mean you can't learn a new trick......especially when the practicing is fun!

Does all this make you want to try a new lipstick?  It does for me!  It makes me want to play with new colors and see how flattering they can be.  I'll try a classic red, a berry stain or a passionate pink.  There are no wrong choices.  Enjoy yourself, but remember, "trend" is today, "style" is forever!!!

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