Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Molto bene, my miraculous belles and boys!

When last we visited our heroine, she was chomping at the bit to buy bright bags.  Well, she still is but a couple of mornings of Vegas temps in the 60's and I'm ready to obsess over something that I can cuddle into ......., like a cozy cardi.  Talk about "everything old is new again"......well, we weren't talking about that but I'll pretend.  You see, this is the second time in my life that I've obsessed over long, luxurious sweaters, and the first time was in the 70's!  Now what was that old saying, "trend is..........something but style is.........something else?"  Hmmmmm.....

Goddis - Wool Asymmetrical
Pim + Larkin - Cashmere Boyfriend
Today's long cardigans are chunky or feather-light, tunic or waist length, asymmetrical or even hemmed.  What distinguishes them from the thigh length sweaters of the 70's is color ( more muted and less patterned today ) and fabric ( out with acrylic and nylon and in with natural fibers).  The long, loose luxe of cashmere and the wonderful weft of wool give cuddliness to the long sweater/coats of today and their exaggerated, often knee length makes them modern.  The silhouette is sensuous ( or sensual.......I need my copy of Animal House to remind me of the difference!).  What ELSE could you want to cuddle up to on a chilly October morning?????

There's another old saying that "if you're old enough to remember wearing it before, you're too old to wear it again".  I cry foul on that. These sweaters are wearable by all ages, just as their predecessors were.
007 - License to Cuddle
They are chic in your 60's, foxy in your 50's, fine in your 40's, etc., on down to you twenty-somethings who are wearing them just to be comfortable and don't realize that they had their genesis long before you were born. So don't feel bad about buying one! They will be around for years and then be rediscovered by a new generation drawn to their comfort and cuddliness (which might or might not really be a word).  You get what I mean.  Because "everything old IS new again"......... And "trend" is today, "style" is forever!

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