Monday, November 5, 2012

Felicitations, foxy females!

I've been all over the map lately with my blog ideas!  Usually I get them from readers, or they crystallize from reading my monthly dose of slippery paper, I.e. Vogue, Elle, In Style, Cosmo, etc.  This week, I got an idea to blog about something that I first saw on Lady Gaga and now it's being shown EVERYWHERE......the heel-less shoe, aka a trend that should never have been born or, fashion as dangerous to your health.  And for the first time in my style/fashion career, I found myself thinking "where in HECK did these come from and WHO, other than Gaga and Gwen Stefani, would ever WEAR them????"

Lady Gaga and the Notorious No Heels

I know you've seen these..... High, platform shoes that have no heel?  Basically, you walk on your toes because there's no heel or arch support.  As I said, I saw Lady Gaga wear them months ago and discounted them as a trend that would never get off the runway.  Well, now they're in Nordstrom!  So much for me being the great know-it-all!  These shoes don't ring any of my style bells........they're not practical, beautiful, comfortable, sexy or artistic, at least to me.  So I tried them on, just because I could.  And I found out that they're dangerous as well.  If you forget what you're wearing and try to walk heel first, you fall on your ass.  Been there, done that.  It wasn't pretty.  If you remember to walk with your brain first, you end up tiptoeing along like a Chinese woman with bound feet.  That ain't pretty either.


So - a hard truth for your stylist to face.  There now exists a shoe that I find ugly, ridiculous and dangerous.  But let me know what you think......maybe I'm 'way off base.  If anyone can figure out a way to justify this shoe, I'm all ears.  I only know that not only do I believe in my mantra, I'm now GRATEFUL for the fact that "trend is today, style is forever".  

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