Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Greetings, glam guys and gals!

I was at a party last week and was asked the BEST question!  A quietly classic lady asked me "how do you add a special touch that makes an outfit 'yours' without it being costume-y"?  Basically, she was asking how you find your own style.  And who better to answer than Style Savvy?  ( oh, stop rolling your eyes-there has to be SOME self promotion here!!!)

When I put outfits together I decide what look I'm going for BEFORE I assemble.  Of course, that doesn't mean I don't change my mind three times........helloooooo, WOMAN!!!  But I try to decide between looks, such as classic, French messenger, rocker chick, biker babe, etc.  For this example, let's use French messenger, ok?  ( Cool your jets, I'm about to explain it! ). Picture the mock Marcel Marceaux that deliver bread, milk and all manner of business needs in small towns in France.  Usually, this look, popularized by Brigitte Bardot and Jacqueline Kennedy, involves black wool sailor slacks, a red and white horizontal striped T and a beret.  So......how to make this look mine without it being a costume?  

First, I assemble pieces that suggest the look, without slavishly following it.  I'd pick black skinny jeans instead of sailor slacks and use a green and white or yellow and white striped T to top it.  Those are my basics.  Now, let's tuck the skinny jeans into over-the-knee flat boots.......very Three Musketeers, so we're sticking with the French theme.  Earrings?  Bien sur!!  ( means "of course", for those of you who might not know ). How about hoops, preferably in "old gold" color so they're not too bright/shiny.  Don't have hoops?  Ok.  Try something in your jewelry box that suggests old-timey, like black with rhinestones or pearl studs.  Then I'd add a long necklace with the same coloration.  This is all the outfit.......now it's time for the special touch.  What might work to accent, like a beret?  Well, what ABOUT a beret?  Don't have one?  How about a black cloche hat?  No hats?  Try big, black sunglasses, a la Jackie O.  When you're outside, you look put together and chic.  Indoors?  Shove the glasses up on your head like a headband to look cool and avant garde.

Now......you try it.  Pick a theme, create the basics and think about personal touches that work for you.  It'll become second nature if you practice it, or a fun challenge if you only try it once in a while.  Whichever, it's a way to stretch creatively and just remember, "trend" is today, "style" is forever!!!!!!

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