Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Monday, my magnificent Mesdames et Messieurs!

Today I need to talk about something which I never thought I'd discuss.  It's serious, folks.  It's more complex than Obamacare.  It's more pervasive than the smell of lilies in a small room.  It's thought about more often than sex or lipstick.  I am referring, OF COURSE, to......."gasp"...........the wearing of COMFORTABLE shoes.

Vince Camuto
It seems as if every time I take a client shoe shopping lately, I am faced with this desire to wear only what's comfortable.  Good grief, if I wore only comfortable shoes I'd be down to my last 100 pairs!!  Where did this mania arise?  What happened to the good old days of buying shoes because they were art, and to heck with how they felt?  My late governess used to say "for beauty a girl must suffer" and I admit to ENDLESS evenings wondering how soon my shoes could be removed, but soul-satisfied that they were SO gorgeous.  I even admit to buying shoes without trying them on, because they were so beautiful they HAD to be mine.  And now???

Tory Burch
The proliferation of comfortable shoes has made the ballet flat popular again for the first time since Audrey Hepburn.  Flats now show up in skins, fabrics, bejeweled and bedazzled, pointy toed, cap toed, round toed.  Flat riding boots, flat over-the-knee boots, flat ankle boots and flat Uggs dominate a shoe department landscape.  They are sequined, studded, hand-pieced and every color in the rainbow.  They ARE art!  GASP!!!!!  This season you CAN be both trendy and comfortable, stylish yet actually able to walk.  Who'd have thunk it?

Of course, for dedicated shoe whores like me, there will always be sculptural, hand made, fragile, delicate footwear.  It's just that on-trend and in style may also mean we can walk in them for more than 20 minutes.  Style, it seems, has come to realize that looks and wearability belong together and that being comfortable in one's own clothes, like one's skin, is a truly stylish way to dress.  And remember, "trend" is today, but "style" is forever!!!!

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