Monday, February 4, 2013

How ya doin', divas?

Ok, I admit it.  I am loony for leggings.  Thankfully they are right on trend and available in every fabric and color under the sun.  But.  Or butt.  We've all seen the fashion victims who take a stylish staple and turn it fashion backward.  Are you afraid that that's you?  Well, I'm here to tell ya.......everyone can rock the legging look!  All it takes is awareness of your body type and some attention to detail and you can be a stylin' señorita !!!

First of all, what are you proud of?  Love your legs?  Bewitched by your butt? Got a wasp waist?  Whatever body part you want to emphasize - or de-emphasize! - is what we're focusing on.  Leg lovers, think Lycra, shine or sheen and thin, colorful fabrics that cling to your curves.  You can wear the metallics, the leathers (or faux leathers, for the price conscious or the vegans among us!) and the patterned, detailed pairs that show off toned thighs and curvaceous calves.  Pair them with tops that hit right below the fullest part of your thigh and heels that say "oh yeah......I know I'm hot"!  This is also a look that can camouflage a too-bodacious booty, hide the handles and blot out the belly, so what's not to love?

Say you want to highlight your hind end.  Team your leggings with tops that stop at your waist ( if you're not worried about your tummy ) or your hip, if you are.  Slightly longer, even tunic length tops can also work if you belt them tightly to denote your derrière.  If you're lucky and have a well defined waist, that belt will emphasize it; if you don't, that belt will create it. It's  win-win!!

Leggings look lovely under loose, tunic length sweaters or long shirts. They can take a warmer weather dress and extend its wear time.  They make dressy dresses look modern and edgy and work well with any shoe, from flat slouchy boots to the highest of high heels.  They're versatile! They're flattering!  You'll feel great in them so you'll look great - and isn't that the essence of style?  Because, remember, "trend" is today, but "style" is forever!!!!

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