Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's February, my fine felines!

Last week we discussed hangers and I told you what your closets should NOT be wearing.  It follows, them, that this should be a blog on what your closets SHOULD be full of, aside from Dior and Armani!

Container Store Wood Hangars
Hopefully my Joan Crawford impression was good enough to have you immediately removing all wire hangers and consigning them to the trash, or back to the dry cleaners.  But what to replace them with?  There are as many options as Louboutin has heel heights, so I'm just going to talk about my faves, which all come from the Container Store.  To start, I use one variety for coats and jackets.  They're wood, heavy and have wide, sloping, contoured shoulders.  They hold jackets securely and maintain the garment's shape.  I also use them in our guest coat closet.  

Padded Hangars
I also use a specialty hanger for delicates - camisoles, tanks, halters and slinky dresses.  They're satiny and padded and sort of square, so items don't slide off. These allow me to hang things I'd otherwise have to fold and put in a drawer, which I don't like doing because then things get creased.

Pressure and Clip
I use two different types of hangers for skirts and pants.  Pants get hung from the hems using clip  hangers or, if they're lined, from the waist.  Either way, the impression from the hanger doesn't show in the fabric.  Skirts are hung either by lingerie straps or using pressure hangers, which the Container Store calls clamp hangers.  Since all of the specialty hangers are wider profile than a standard shirt hanger, they separate your garments naturally and reduce wrinkling caused by over crowding.  
Soft Touch Hangar

Last but not least is your basic shirt hanger.  I like plastic.....the ones the Container Store calls soft touch.  They have squeezy stuff ( a highly technical stylist term for........squeezy stuff ) which prevents wide necked items or folded pants from slipping off.  They have lingerie strap holders and belt or scarf holders.  They're just very versatile and not exorbitantly expensive.  They're well made and they last.  Most important, all of these hangers really do protect your clothes.  So they're not trendy, they're styling...because, as we all know, "trend" is today, but "style" is forever!

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