Monday, March 11, 2013

Say "hey", stylish senoras!

You know, style is all about expressing your self-your individuality, your "you-ness".   And yes, I did just make up that term!  Anyway style, therefore, is about so much more than clothes and accessories.  It goes beyond makeup.  Believe it or not, style goes beyond the shoes I'm willing to kill for.  Style extends  

Yes, food.  The way you reflect yourself in jeans is the same style you reflect in eating - both the way you eat and what you eat.  Have you ever noticed that when you're a careful, detail oriented ensemble creator, you're also meticulous in food preparation and dining style?  The preparation you give to your outfits is similar to the care you take in dining in or out!  Are you a casual, throw-it-together stylist?  Do you also find yourself naturally throwing together a buffet dinner or going out for a spontaneous mangia-fest?  What about those of us who don't care about presentation but make delicious food?  Betcha we struggle with accessories but instinctively know what clothes look good on our bodies!  Are you a dainty eater or one who likes to get in there with hands and teeth and enjoy every succulent bite?  If you look at your stylistic choices, I'll bet you find that same style reflected in your wardrobe!

Still don't believe me?  The next time you reach for "the usual" dinner, look at what you're wearing.  Chances are you're wearing "the usual" outfit.  When you decide on a restaurant for dinner, are you wearing casual, comfortable clothes that say "I'm going out to a casual, comfortable meal" or are you in designer duds that suggest a more upscale experience?  When you entertain, doesn't your menu choice and the atmosphere it creates suggest your outfit?  Sure it does.  Because you dress yourself according to your style.....and you live your life the same way.  Your style is expressed in everything you do, from your refrigerator to your closet.   So eat heartily or delicately - you're eating like YOU.  Because "trend" is today, but "style" is forever!!

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