Monday, April 8, 2013

Bonjour, bodacious babes and boys,

Ok, folks, it's THAT time again!  No, you sex fiends, not THAT time........the OTHER time.  Time to change over our closets and wardrobes from fall/winter to spring/summer.  We've already had the discussion about hangers, so I assume ( because I am all-knowing ) that you have ditched those pathetic wire and plastic excuses for hangers and stocked up on the good ones.  Now it's just a question of "what do I put ON the good hangers?  What do I keep and where do I send the stuff
I'm not keeping?  And that's where today's blog comes in.......

I can't say this often enough.......keep ONLY what fits and flatters.  Yes, you lazy b?!?&?!s, that may mean TRYING THINGS ON.  Any winter pieces that you didn't wear should get the "do they fit and flatter" treatment and if the answer is yes, wash them or clean them and stow them away.  If the answer is no, you may choose to donate them to a charity.  All the pieces you did wear should be checked for needed repairs, cleaned or washed and put away.  NEVER store clothes uncleaned.  It's best to pack them into plastic storage bags or boxes if you can........I store mine under my bed and the guest room bed.  That keeps all the shelving in my closet available for SHOES!!!!!

Now look at your spring/summer clothes.  If they're coming out of bags and boxes they may need pressing or laundering.  Go through them to ensure that they still fit and flatter and hang them on your beautiful new hangers.  While you're doing that, make lists of what you need to supplement the pieces you have.  Is it time to replace T-shirts and tanks?  Need one pair of pastel jeans to trend-up your collection?  Want a pair of single-sole pumps to enhance your warm weather look?  Now is the time to either shop or plan out which sales to hit.  You may crave the of-the-minute bag or jewelry......take a look at The Find on Sunset or Charming Charlie in Town Square for fun but inexpensive additions to your wardrobe.  Whatever you need, finding it now will make your ensembles complete for when you want to wear them.

Remember, ONLY KEEP WHAT FITS AND FLATTERS.  Only buy what makes you feel and look great.  Spend on your classics and save on your trends.  And shop BEFORE you desperately need to in order to prevent buying last minute and settling for something less than wonderful.  These tips will help make sure that walking into your spring/summer closet will be a thrill, not a pill.  And always keep in mind......"trend" is today but "style" is forever!

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