Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring 2014 for Real Women

Ok, I'll admit it.....I'm tired of Fashion Week.  Last week we learned some (arguably) fascinating lessons about style and trend but now, after watching "Gisele walks for Balenciaga" and "Victoria's Secret Angels sit front row at Chanel", I am willing to kill the next columnist who describes a collection as "an urban metaphor".  So I'm back to clothes with a bit more "fun" than "fantasy".....clothes that real women want to talk about.  

Ralph Lauren Peplum Top
Ralph Lauren Tuxedo Jeans
In most of the country it's never looked LESS like spring, but here in Vegas we are lucky enough to already see daffodils.  This means that, horror of horrors, my favorite winter pieces will have to be pulled out of rotation soon.  Do you have an item or two in your closet that you will be sorry to see go?  Mine are, without a doubt, my over-the-knee boots and my denim moto jacket.  But spring (not a real season here; more like a two week warm up to "damn hot") has it's own fun ideas and these are a couple of them that you shouldn't miss.

Pedro Garcia "Sofia" - Nordstrom

White.  And not just white....ALL white.  A white top with white pants, white booties and a white jacket thrown over the top.  What makes this new are the textures the whites come in.  Eyelet lace mixed with satin paired with suede.  It all works together to shout "Spring 2014" or separately to go with other pieces in your wardrobe.  For example, black and white.  Geometric slashes of it.  I have a pair of diamond-patterned heels I can't WAIT to wear.  They blend seamlessly with my polka dot peplum top, white tuxedo jeans with the black stripe and a black and white cabbage rose-printed cardigan I got at a yard sale for $3.  You get the idea.  Or, if you're not ready for all black and white, use your new black and white shoe as a fun way to perk up jeans and a black T......maybe with black and white sunnies???

Vince Picot at Nordstrom

Haute Hippie at Nordstrom
To make a right, 90 degree turn off black and white, start collecting your pastels now!  Never has spring brought so many different shades of watermelon, cotton candy and grass.  They look like a Monet painting when they're worn together.  They look as if you were going to a New Orleans wedding when they're paired with your whites and like "punk-with-an-edge" when worn with black.

How style savvy is THAT!!!!!  And I didn't use the term "urban metaphor" once.  Doesn't that prove that "trend" is today, but "style" is forever???

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