Monday, March 31, 2014

SJP at Nordstrom

I need to vent!  I received a TREMENDOUS disappointment when Sarah Jessica Parker's shoe line came out at Nordstrom.  I am a shoe addict and could barely contain myself until the line came out.  It was advertised as being in a moderate price range, so I was awaiting them eagerly, with baited breath even.  (what on earth IS baited breath, anyway??). I was treated to an early showing and that's when I felt an overwhelming lack of joy, a complete sadness, a distress.  The line,was NORMAL.  I didn't see any styles or colors that struck me as original and fresh.  All the hoopla (and what is hoopla, for that matter?) and NOTHING.

Picture of SJP, Sarah Jessica Parker Collection at Nordstrom
From  Feel free to see for yourself!

Some designer collections have opened at low price point stores, like Peter Pilotto for Target and Catherine Malandrino for Kohl's, and provided new, exciting fashion at reasonable prices.  I am a great believer in fun, low cost clothes and I was delighted to buy pieces like a motorcycle jacket for $89 and a pleated, flared skirt for $29.  Jennifer Lopez' collection for Kohl's is different and modern.  These three celebs are obviously working with great investors to make their low cost lines as much like their upper end counterparts as possible.  Brilliant!  Genius!  Gwen Stefani launched a kids' collection for Target and an inexpensive shoe set for Shoedazzle that are awesome!  What a great way to enhance your personal style at rock bottom prices!!!

So I was stunned to see SJP'S shoes.  Boring!  Exactly what you'd wear to a garden party at your third favorite aunt's home in Alabama.  The colors are copies of colors seen everywhere and the shapes are most common to the sales rack at Macy's.  THIS for $350????  They're not classic and timeless; they are the worst of the moment.  My innocence has been shattered.  I will never look forward to a celebrity launch in the same way again.  I have seen yet another proof that "trend" is today, "style" is forever.

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