Monday, November 23, 2015

A Shoe Tip

Have you ever seen a person wearing a nice outfit, only to have it ruined by shoes?  I'm not talking the WRONG shoes.......I'm talking the ones that are so scuffed and worn down at the heel that they look like they're from the Salvation Army!  They may have been good shoes once-upon-a-time but now they're candidates for trash item of the century!
Other than a good tailor, the shoe pro can be your best friend.  They don't just put on new heels and soles anymore.  The best shoe guys can dye, restain, patch and even rework a pattern to create a whole new look - all to keep those shoes you love from ruining your next outfit.  I once cut a pair of pale pink Jimmy Choos on the sidewalk and my shoe man took pieces of black patent leather and created an entirely new back - and they're once again one of my favorite pairs.
Why am I telling you this?  To encourage you to spend $50 instead of $500 on preserving your shoes instead of just replacing them.  At Green Valley Shoe Repair on Wigwam and Pecos, the shoe man is an artist and he's saved many a shoe for me.  So-you have options!  All is not lost !  And he performs similar miracles on handbags...........


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