Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Gifting - Crunch Time!

If you're like the majority of Christmas shoppers, SOMEHOW the 25th of December pops up on your calendar magically three days before.  Then comes the frustration of figuring out what to get ,finding a parking space and standing in line among other, equally frustrated consumers.  But this year, Style Savvy is here to help you de-frustrate!

For men, I heartily recommend THE GIFT CARD.  Lowe's, Home Depot and hand car washes all sell them and no man still in possession of his man card would turn one down.  I thought of the car wash idea because it's a treat men don't often allow themselves, so what could be better than giving something you'd like to get yourself?????

For women, I also recommend THE GIFT CARD.  Whether it's to Sephora, Saks or Nordstrom, a gift card in an appropriate amount will allow her to buy that cashmere sweater, a new eyeshadow set or the tiny cross body for evenings out that women never seem to buy for themselves.  Added to whatever budget she's put aside, your gift might be the difference between buying shoes at Macy's sale and bringing home those gorgeous Choos she's been coveting.  However she Chooses ( pun intended ) to use it, your gift card is more than money-it's potentially a wish come true!

I guess I can't say enough about THE GIFT CARD.  It's easy but welcome and allows everyone to do what the holidays are here to do-remind everyone that what counts is family, friends........and really great shoes!

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