Monday, December 14, 2015

Gifting to Keep the Season Bright (and Rosy)!

There are a few gifts that I like to give every year because they truly evoke the holiday spirit and I wish someone would give them to me.  I am referring, of course, to Chanel bags.   (No, not really, you incredulous looking skeptic)-although I do wish I was on that someone's gift list.  I am really referring to the gift of color.

Most women don't realize that the cold, dry weather outside requires a change of makeup inside.  Your skin is drier and so richer serums and moisturizers are needed.  I also always go to a creamier foundation or tinted moisturizer and creme blush instead of powder.  But do I keep this precious nugget of info to myself?  I do not!  I share it with you, my dear readers, because this is an easy gift to give and a thrill to receive.  I like to get Sephora gift cards and Saks and Nordstrom certificates .  I wrap them onto wine bottles or cosmetics cases, slide them into cross bodies and wedge them into the cover of a book.

Make sure you comment about "warming up your Christmas" or "putting the roses back in your cheeks" and you've got a fun and useful gift for several friends-preferably ones who don't know each other!  Oh - and save one for me , because "trend" may be today, but "style" is forever!!!!

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