Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lucky Shopping in Las Vegas

Premium Outlets North
I don't think I've realized lately how lucky we are to live in Las Vegas.  The shopping experience has gone from glitz (only) to glamour (mostly) in the last ten years.  With all of our malls and stores, I'm seeing a definite uptick in the number of tourists who arrive with empty suitcases and leave over the weight limit.
I particularly enjoy going to the Premium Outlet Mall on Grand Central Parkway.  With everything from Adidas to Armani, this mall is a cornucopia (did you like that Thanksgiving reference I slipped in?) of bargains.  I took a client there who was thrilled to find a shoe store that catered to wide widths, a different client found a leather jacket she had admired but been unable to afford last season.  
For all of you who are looking for great gifts for the holidays, allow me to suggest looking at the outlet mall.  You can score as much as 75% off retail and feel like you're a real winner in a town where locals know better.  And the gelato store is off-the-charts yummy, even  when the decorations and temperatures remind us that we're in gift giving, not gelato, season!

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